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At Babel Gabinete de Traductores e Intérpretes, with experienced professionals in all languages, we translate with craftsmanship, using technology like the programmes Déjà Vu and Trados when required.

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Any field

We have experts in a wide variety of fields, belonging to a network of translators located in Spain and overseas. We utilise technological support for technical translations to speed up the process without affecting quality.

Any language

Translation of any source and target language in the world, including the less commonplace African and Asian languages.

Consistent quality

We work with linguists who are native-speakers of the target language. Our work undergoes exhaustive checks and strict quality control before delivery to the client.

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Certified, sworn, technical, urgent translations in all languages - in Cantabria-Legal, technical, scientific, medical, advertising translations.
-Certified/sworn translations.
-Quick translation of correspondence.
-Urgent translation of large projects, coordinated by a Project Manager.
-Translations to and from English.


language interpreters - in Cantabria -Consecutive.
-Press conferences.
-Business meetings.
-Technical visits.
-Simultaneous at conferences.

International Legal Department

legal procedures abroadWe handle the paperwork to set up subsidiaries of your company overseas, establish international business relationships or deal with litigation of all kinds outside of Spain. We can prepare all the legal documentation in the corresponding language. We can provide a lawyer-interpreter in your company’s meetings with foreign clients or partners.


language courses for companies - in Cantabria-Organisation of language courses for companies.
-Intensive courses and language immersion programmes for professional adults and university students in English and other languages like French or Portuguese.
-English immersion camps for children and young people, combining intensive language practice with play, sports and cultural activities.

All-in-One Advertising Services

comprehensive multilingual advertising serviceWe handle the whole process required to deliver your message about a product: advertising design, copywriting, translation and printing of leaflets, posters and other media... We can also design and translate your website.

Video streaming

video streaming for workshops, lectures, business meetingsA new service for conferences, meetings and events in general, consisting of real-time online broadcasting, so that it reaches anywhere in the world. This includes synchronised presentations in PowerPoint, and the event can be viewed in up to two languages simultaneously.

Conferences and Lectures

conference and meeting organisation in Santander, CantabriaWe manage all services relating to conference and meeting organisation, including:
-preparation of conference proposals.
-search for venues, travel services, accommodation, catering, etc...
-technical and scientific administration, and essentially managing all aspects of the organisation of the event (technical resources, advertising and image, marketing, attendants, video streaming, etc).
-we can put forward potential plans for organising a conference or meeting and prepare and manage all the documentation relating to the event in all the languages of the conference.
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Authentication of Spanish documents abroad / foreign documents in Spain

authentication of foreign documents in Spain
-Paperwork with consulates and embassies throughout Spain.
-Paperwork with the Spanish Foreign Office.
-Requesting foreign documents in the country of origin and authentication of these with the country’s relevant institutions.
-Requesting apostilles from the various institutions in the country of origin of the documents.
-Paperwork with international universities for degree recognition.
-We handle the whole process, including requesting the documentation in the country of origin of the interested party, all the necessary steps to authenticate the documentation in the country in question and in Spain, and translating all of this so that it is ready to be submitted to the corresponding Spanish authority for residency, registration, civil registry paperwork, etc.

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Some clients

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The Team

Expert native-speakers of the target languages in a wide variety of fields: industrial, naval and civil engineering, IT, electronics, telecommunications, architecture, law, medicine, economics, finance, international relations...

Large projects

For large jobs, a Project Manager supervises and ensures uniformity of style and terminology, with the quickest possible turnaround.


We have the best simultaneous interpreters, belonging to the Spanish Association of Conference Interpreters (AICE). Fully qualified professionals with extensive experience in all kinds of conferences and meetings (medicine, transnational projects, technology, science, the environment...)


All the documents that pass through our hands are protected under signed agreements to ensure the complete confidentiality of the information.


To ensure complete accuracy in our translations, we consult the client on the terminology specific to each company, institution or particular addressee. The result is a tailor-made translation. Quality control and exhaustive reviewing within the team before delivery of the project.

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    Marisol Alonso

    Project Coordinator and Translator

  • BA in English and MA in Translation. Specialisation in technical translation (renewable energy and machinery). Coordination of translation of European projects within the framework of the European Interreg programme, among others. Management of simultaneous interpreting teams. Management of translation projects for the Cantabrian Government in the fields of law, tourism, healthcare and culture.

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Developing oral fluency and listening skills in a language are the main goals of the intensive courses. We design comprehensive tailor-made practical programmes to gain a command of the most common structures and we select vocabulary suited to the company’s professional field. This enables learners to get the most out of the course.

Language Immersion

Using languages naturally, especially English, is becoming increasingly important for the academic development of a student, while opening up professional horizons. In our language immersion camp, incentives such as games, excursions, workshops, sports... help children speak the other language more fluently. The natural environment is ideal for the summer.

campamento de verano inglés

Language immersion programmes and intensive courses for adults

Language immersion programmes for both young and old have the advantage of enabling learners to practise their language skills over several days under the close guidance of native-speaking teachers, making it an even more effective method than a course taken overseas, equivalent to several weeks abroad, and with the added convenience of being able to do it at any time of year, during a short period that is easier to fit around work commitments.
These intensive courses last a few days, in which learners practise their language skills for 8 hours a day in various parts of the city.

languages courses in Cantabria

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Contact Us

We have 20 years experience with various languages in all their aspects: we love to communicate! Please feel free to ask any questions about our work or suggest any kind of project.

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